Before you can conquer your goal(s) you must conquer the enemy within.
Be better than you were yesterday.
Life has its ups and downs, it’s the steps you choose to take to improve yourself.


My name is Marland and I’m the founder of GE Fitness Group Ltd. I am a fitness professional who specialises in abdominal muscle conditioning. I have studied the body in depth and having successfully completed a degree in sports science, I have learnt a great deal about it.

I have been in the industry for just over two years now and counting, and it has really been a great learning curve for me. I have picked up and learned a lot in the years, not just about Fitness as a whole, but also myself. My passion for Fitness stems from a young age, where I was actively involved in multiple sports, mainly Basketball. I always knew deep down that my purpose was to help inspire, pass knowledge on, and transform peoples life’s for the better. It has been a blessing being able to work with different individuals from different backgrounds, who have had various goals i.e. to lose weight, tone up the abdominals, strengthen the core.


My approach to training is very versatile, having trialled and tested many training principles, which has allowed me to cater to individual’s who have had various goal(s). Being a Fitness professional who specialises in the domain of abdominal muscle toning, I know the importance of strengthening the abs, to improve overall body strength, particularly in compound lifts i.e. deadlifts & squats. In addition, I like to incorporate some sort of strength training with my clients, which is crucial for improving joint integrity, strengthening the nervous system and muscles.

Currently providing training in the following areas:
North west London (Private gym)
West London
Online training and abdominal programmes also available.

Being motivated is one thing, but being consistent and having the displine to stay on track is another Everybody lacks motivation at times. If you have a goal(s) that you want to achieve you have to adopt the essence of motivation. WHY? Without some sort of motivation, there is no persistence, no consistency, no internal drive to achieve what you set yourself to achieve. With GE Fitness you’ll stay motivated through motivational video’s that I provide and motivational talks, which will be accessible on my YouTube channel for you to access when your spirit is low and you need that spark or that voice to tell you that you are POWERFUL and to keep going, to never stop until you have conquered and crushed your goal(s).

Two things that I have adopted as a daily ritual that has helped me to stay motivated but also helps to boost my motivational levels and get proactive is (Procrastinate no more!):

1. Listen and watch some motivational videos that inspires you to get up and get active as you make your journey to the gym or work.

2. Write down a list of things that you want to achieve for yourself, if that’s fitness related or just general life, and affirm those things as you wake and before you retire.

You’ll be AMAZED at how powerful these two tools are for you motivation and mindset. REMEMBER… Nothing in life comes easy, it takes time and there will be obstacles that try to break you down and distractions that try to steer you off your path, but just remember your ‘WHY’ and don’t stop until you have won.


with GE FITNESS, achieve greatness.


We have worked with a wide spectrum of clients, who have come from different
backgrounds and have had different goals. All our clients who joined up with us have
achieved AMAZING results, not just physically, but mentally. We strive to make every
individual’s experience the best, treating each individual(s) as top priority, who we have no
problem in going the extra mile for..

  • “I started training with GE Fitness in a bid to lose some of the stubborn fat around my middle and generally tone up. What I achieved with GE Fitness's help was far more than this! Using various bodyweight exercises, my overall strength and fitness improved so much in a short space of time that I was able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own. I recommended!"

    Seema Hirani
    Seema Hirani Client
  • “GE Fitness is spot on at tailoring varied and fun programs to achieve your goals. He is attentive, professional, works you to your limit and genuinely cares about your fitness journey. He works beyond your physical limitations and inspires you to always do better. He's the real deal, he walks his talk and is inspiring and motivating to train with. Highly recommended.”

    Sonia Caicchiolo
    Sonia Caicchiolo Client
  • “I have worked with a number of personal trainers over the last 4 years and none have proved more effective or knowledgeable than GE Fitness. I have lost weight and gained lean muscle mass by following a personalised gym programme devised by GE Fitness as well as nutrition advice. His versatile approach makes every training session fun, different, and challenging!"

    Lovetta Brown
    Lovetta Brown Client
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